Posted by: Megan | May 18, 2008

The next station is: Lewes

Yesterday I went into Lewes with the girls. We hopped on the train around 10 in the morning and got off at the next stop. It was raining like it had no intention of stopping, just what you would expect in England. We wandered around a bit before finding a tea shop. They sat us in the downstairs room, no other customers around, and turned on the Bob Marley music. We spent as long as we could inside before finally paying our bill and heading back into the drizzle to look around town. Either the open air market doesn’t happen every week, or it ran away with the sunshine. Still, the general consensus was that we could easily live in Lewes. It’s a beautiful little town with a nice sized train station and isn’t far from Brighton. We stopped in a pottery shop, a health food shop and the local brewery shop before deciding to get some groceries and head home. This is where I learned that Waitrose carries more American products than Sainsbury’s. I finally found my Bisquick, Naked juice and real frosting :)



  1. real frosting?

  2. Tsk, tsk. You couldn’t live in Lewes unless you had a least a half-dozen solid leads there with you.

    So… when we movin’? I’ve gotta hurry up and get my passport!

    Hope life is good, Megan. We miss you over here – just did CBUS, and lo, it was good… but it was noticeably deficient in vitamins L and M. Get back here soon, and bring your pseudo-twin with you, OK?

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