Posted by: Megan | May 9, 2008

Surprise! I posted again!

So I hope no one was terribly surprised by my inability to keep up with this blog properly.

Let’s see…things I haven’t blogged about yet. I went to France, Italy, came back. Gone through 4 weeks of uneventful classes. Been trying to work on my essays. 3000 words on Disney and Cultural Imperialism. 3500 words on masculinity class and Britishness in British film.

Also, I have come to hate Fridays. Fridays are lab days. Which means 4 hours of my afternoon spent trying to understand a wide array of physics topics well enough to answer concept questions during a mini oral exam. And every other week I have to have followed the lab well enough to turn in all the analysis, error propagation, etc at the end of the four hours. Out of this mess I have to pick one of the topics to do a full report on. I still don’t know where to find the first one I turned in, so I have no idea what my grade is because they don’t post grades online.

Sorry about the lack of posting. Hopefully I’ll keep this updated with my random gibbering on a more regular basis now.


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